Smartis Teambuilding

Last Friday, Smartis family went on a teambuilding day in Bela krajina.

The first stop on our journey was at the rural tourism farm Matkovič, where the housewife greeted us with a traditional pastry called “belokranjska pogača” and told us some interesting things about the traditional costume.

After that, we traveled back in time to the year 1957, to a primary school called “Brihtna buča” where we had a history lesson about the history of Bela krajina. After the class was over we divided ourselves into three groups and competed in “shepherd’s games”.

Bela krajina is also well-known for its vineyards so it was only the right thing to visit one of its famous wine cellars. Mister Jože Prus from winemaking Prus, happily showed us the wine cellar and guided us through the degustation of 6 different wine sorts. We ended our day at the hotel Bela krajina, where we enjoyed good food and good company.

Our teambuildings are already well-known as “legendary” and this one was no exception.